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You were seen! Either your hard work and great attitude stood out today ... or someone just wants you to know you matter.


You are a stand-out, a treasure. There is only one YOU. And for that reason today you were seen by someone you served ... or someone who cares about you! A customer or a neighbor.


Maybe it was a divine appointment.


Because the truth is this: You are seen every day by Jesus, the Almighty God who created you and loves you! He sees your hard work, your dreams, and your heart. And guess what?  He is calling you closer to Himself, even now. Whatever you are going through.


No one cares about you more than Jesus. No one loves you more. He is not political and He cannot be found in social media wars. He is not religious and He is not church membership. He is outside all of that. Above it. Bigger than it. Right now, He stands arms open, ready to help you and encourage you, lead you and save you. 




He’s the reason you were seen today. He’s the reason you are here.


As wonderful as you are, as hard as you work and as much as you matter … here’s a thought: Time ticks on. Each of us has a set number of days in our life. And one day we will reach the final page in our story. Probably not today. But someday.


God is calling each of us to an everlasting life. Maybe He is calling you right now. So the question is this: What happens after the book of your life is closed? Where will you go? If you’re not sure, CLICK HERE.


A good tip, a plate of cookies, a friendly smile ... these last only a few hours or a day. But that brought you here. 


And so just maybe this moment might change your life.

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