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Did you give away a You Were Seen card? 

Did you receive one?

Share your story from the

You Were Seen movement here.



The following stories are true. Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Amber H., Montana.

I’m 26 years old and work as a waitress at a locally owned steak house in a small town. I received one of these cards from an older couple. It was just a really nice reminder that we are seen and we are appreciated. So thank you to the couple that left me this card! I’ve had a great week at work this week and I can’t help but to think your card may have played a role.

Dean S., Virginia.

Greatest way to share love ever. Get behind the You Were Seen movement.

Sharon L., Pennsylvania.

I never knew how to share hope with a stranger until now. These cards rock.

Larry T., Florida.

Someone cared enough to give me a You Were Seen card. The tip was more than the bill. I didn’t know Christians could love like this.

Bob P., North Carolina.

My wife texted to say she was in the mood for hot and sour soup. I wrote a few words on the back of a You Were Seen card, gave the dear couple at the Chinese restaurant a 50% tip and handed them the card along with the credit card receipt. That was fun! 


Rachel, server at a New Mexico restaurant.   

Things had gone from bad to worse. My husband left me and now I was raising our three kids by myself. I needed money, so I took a second job at a restaurant near my house. My kids hated that I was always gone, but because of our finances, our landlord was on the verge of evicting us.

That day before work, I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I talked to God. I asked Him this: “God, if You really see me, if You really love me, could You please show me?” Even so, nothing much had gone right that day. Two tables left only a handful of one-dollar bills and one didn’t tip at all. Then a party of two entered the restaurant. A dad and his college-aged son. They were seated near the front door, but the air conditioning over that table was acting up. So the hostess moved them to my station.

From the beginning there was something different about these two. They were friendly and kind. They seemed to care about me more than the average customer. Then it came time for them to pay their bill.

After they signed the check, they passed it back to me. Once I was back in the kitchen, I looked at the tip and what I saw nearly dropped me to the floor.

The father and son had given me a $50 tip!! Tucked in with the bill was a You Were Seen card and on the back they had written, “Thanks for the great service! What you do matters! God bless you!”

I hurried back out and caught them before they left. Tears streamed down my face as I told them my story. How I had asked God that morning to show me if He loved me … to let me know if He saw me. 

This was a God moment, something that could not have been a coincidence. That father-son pair changed my life. The You Were Seen Movement is changing lives.

All because of a tip and a little kindness.

Allie B., Rhode Island.

I’ll never leave home without these cards again!


Terri R., Washington.

I have purpose again! It’s so fun sharing these cards with strangers.


Barry W., Alabama.

I’m learning to really see people. Thank you for these cards!


Harold, server at a Chicago O’Hare restaurant. 

I thought it was a mistake. I’ve been waiting tables for twenty-five years. It wasn’t my dream back when I was a boy, but it had become my life. The way I survived, and I enjoyed it. But that day, a couple talked to me more than usual. They asked about me and my day, my life. We weren’t busy and it felt nice to be noticed, so I talked to them. Then when they finished their steak and salmon, they left a $30 tip. I ran back out and told them they’d made a mistake. I figured they must’ve written an extra zero.

The two of them only smiled and handed me a card from The You Were Seen Movement. “You work really hard, and we noticed! We want you to know that what you do matters! You were seen today! And God sees you every day!”

I’d never heard anything like that before, so I took the card and later that day I came here, to the website. Chills ran down my arms as I read the main page. Was it possible that God really loved me? That He sent those people to let me know that He cared about my life? I think that’s exactly what happened. That Sunday I went to a Christian church near my house. I’ve been going ever since, and I bought a Bible. I have become a believer in Jesus, all because someone cared enough to really see me.

Annie J., Montana.

The whole world needs to get behind this movement. This is the missing piece.

Allen S., New Jersey.

Are you kidding me? I got a $100 tip for serving someone dinner, and then I came here. I gave my life to Jesus last night.


Juan G., Arizona.

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen. Especially for today.

Chris T., California.

The Great Commission of Jesus tells us to, “Go and make disciples.” But until now, I haven’t known how to do that. I’ve never been overseas on a mission trip and I’m not sure how to tell a stranger about my faith. I was never able to do what Jesus asks.


Until now.


Now, because of The You Were Seen movement, I am able to accomplish two things every time I leave my house. First, I can recognize people who work hard and deserve a thank you. And second, I can direct them to this website where they can find out – maybe for the first time – that God sees them and they are loved. Always.


I never could’ve imagined that something as simple as The You Were Seen movement cards could give me the simple tools to do what I’m supposed to do. My faith is stronger and my heart is full.

Terry R., Texas.

Ever since I began using my You Were Seen cards, I feel a greater sense of purpose. My life has more meaning. Each day I make sure I have half a dozen You Were Seen cards in my wallet. Then I ask God to give me divine appointments.


Whether I’m on a coffee date with friends or at a business lunch, when I’m buying groceries or opening the my house to a service person, I’m thinking of one thing – how to make a stranger feel seen. How to make them feel appreciated.


I try to give at least a 20% tip when I leave a You Were Seen card. It’s a lot less money and time than anything else I could do to help someone. And always – whenever I hand someone a You Were Seen card, I feel better about myself. At the end of the day, I come home smiling because God used me to make a difference.


And that’s what being a person of faith is all about.

Isaiah T., Tennessee.

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?  Everyone get these. Give them out! Let’s change hearts for the good.

Chaunda R., New Hampshire.

This is amazing! I’m buying more cards today!

Did you give away a You Were Seen card? 

Did you receive one?

Share your story from the

You Were Seen movement here.

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