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There’s an exchange that happens when you ask Jesus to be your Savior. When you let Him take you into His arms, and when you hand over your hurt and heartache, loneliness and loveless days to the One who loves you the most. The exchange is this. 


His life for yours.


We lay down our life and take up His. With that comes the immeasurable gift of the Holy Spirit. God living in you. Helping you through every hour of every day. The Holy Spirit in turn gives you these priceless gifts – gifts that are only real when they come from God:


Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. And Self Control.


Can you imagine a life like that? A life marked with freedom and peace, victory and joy?


The path to that life requires that we spend time with Jesus.  Walking with Him. Letting His life infuse yours. The most practical way to do this is to read the Bible. A chapter a day is a great goal, so that God’s Word will start to change you from the inside out. His Word is holy and righteous. True and good.  


As you read the Bible and talk to Jesus, instead of a life saturated with the world’s sadness, loneliness, and darkness … yours will be a life marked by peace, light, and goodness. 


Of course, it also means laying aside the sins that plague you – whatever those might be. Sin is like handcuffs. 


But the chains don’t fall off until we lean into Jesus. 


Whatever you struggle with today, give it to Jesus. 


Let it go.  Ask Him for help. Then find a way to serve others, look for the chance to tell people about Jesus. You don’t have to be a biblical scholar or an expert at communication. You can share the truth about Jesus through The You Were Seen Movement.


Turning away from sin, reading the Bible, praying, helping others … these are ways to grow in your faith. Ways to make your faith alive and life-changing.


Additional tips to grow your faith:

  • Start your day with prayer. Thank God for the new morning and ask Him to walk with you through all that is ahead.

  • Through church, find a smaller group Bible study that meets on a regular basis. You’ll find that these meetings can become very important to growing closer to God and people who follow Him.

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