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The You Were Seen movement centers around a pack of You Were Seen cards. You carry the cards with you and hand them out as you go through your day. 


Who gets a You Were Seen card?


The barista and cashier, the delivery person and grocery clerk, the police officer and first responder, the medical worker or technician. Anyone you interact with.


Get your You Were Seen cards by clicking here.


The You Were Seen card – along with a tip where appropriate – lets people know that they matter. They were seen. And the card leads people to the website, where they are given information about the God who sees them every day. The God who is for them and loves them.


The You Were Seen movement is about kindness and gratitude. It’s about being generous … every time you leave the house. And it’s about pointing people to Jesus. 


As you hand out You Were Seen cards, you fulfill your mission – to love others and lead them to faith in Christ. And if you do that … The You Were Seen movement might not only change a life.


It might change the world.





Karen Kingsbury waited tables to pay her way through college. She worked as hard as she could to serve those who ate dinner in her station each night, but often times she felt overlooked. Her dreams seemed faraway.


Today Karen is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author and this generation’s favorite inspirational storyteller. There are more than 25 million copies of her Life-Changing Fiction™ in print.  Her work takes her around the United States and the world.  She does what she wishes people would’ve done when they sat at her table so many years ago:

She sees people. She wants you to see them, too.

“Tips should surprise people,” Kingsbury says. “It’s one way to show someone that Jesus is real … and that He loves us. Be generous. You can never out-give God.”


In 2019, Kingsbury dreamed of a national movement where Christians would be generous tippers and tell people who serve the one thing they rarely hear. 


They are seen.


Restaurant servers, coffee baristas, bathroom attendants, cashiers, police officers, firefighters. Soldiers or flight attendants.


If you were seen today, Karen wants you to know you matter. God sees you every day! Maybe this moment is a turning point for the rest of your life.

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