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You Were Seen Cards

for Your Church

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**EMAIL or CALL to speak with a

YOU WERE SEEN representative now.**

As churches open after Covid, YOU WERE SEEN cards turn your church members into everyday evangelists – all in a few seconds.




You equip your church members with custom YOU WERE SEEN cards. Members hand them out to food servers, baristas, cashiers, teachers, doctors, police officers, delivery people. Whoever they come across! Members hand out the cards with a sincere compliment and a tip.


“You were seen,” they tell the strangers they meet each day. “If you don’t have a church, come visit mine. The information’s on the back of the card.”


The YOU WERE SEEN website leads the stranger to faith in Christ.  And the card leads them to your church.


In that way, a YOU WERE SEEN card can turn a random moment into a redeemed life.


A chance encounter into a church member.


Buy custom YOU WERE SEEN cards with your church information at up to 70% off below. And just like that, you can reach your community.


All while helping your members live life on mission – the way Jesus commanded.

Free Shipping! 

40% Savings!

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**EMAIL or CALL to speak with a

YOU WERE SEEN representative now.**

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